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An Outline of Abortion Alternatives

Unwanted pregnancy is one reason that puts women and girls in a tight spot. Fear is inevitable for pregnant women who find themselves in such a situation and with no helping hand. What comes in mind for many of these women is abortion. Living with the consequences of abortion for life is one reason why a pregnant woman should think about their decision with a clear mind. In this article, we are going to outline the alternatives to abortion that pregnant women who wants to terminate the pregnancy have that they can choose.

One alternative to abortion is adoption. Adoption is whereby you carry the pregnancy to full term, give birth and give the child to another family to raise it. Adoption comes in two types, closed and open. In a closed adoption, there is no contract between you and the new family hence you are not allowed to get in touch with the child. The adoptive family can choose either to disclose the adoptive news to the child or not if the option chosen was closed adoption. An open adoption is the other option that a mother who wants to give up their child to another family has.

Here, the biological mother can keep in touch with the adoptive family and they together can agree on the level of interaction they will have with the child. An agreement is a must between the mother and adoptive family before accepting to all the conditions. Agency adoption is the other option a mother who wants to give up their child has. You can have a third party take care of looking for an adoptive family for your child and complete the whole process on your behalf if you choose agency adoption. A background check on the agency is advisable for your child’s safety.

Parenting is the other abortion alternative that a pregnant woman has. Becoming a parent to the child is the option a pregnant woman has. Co-parenting is possible if the father and mother chooses to raise the child together or the mother can do it alone. Once you decide to become a parent to the child, you have to give up everything about you and concentrate on raising them. Becoming a parent will force you to put on hold your career, goals you had set for yourself in order to bring the child up. For you tobecome a good parent to the child, you should first become financially and emotionally stable. But, although parenting comes with a lot of challenges, the fulfilment of having to raise your child is comparable to none.

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